The Curriculum (see examples at bottom of page.)

Sex education today is no longer about biology, reproduction or puberty. The California Department of Education's (CDE) "recommended" curricula are not the sex education of your youth. This ain't your mama's sex ed! 

Below is a quote taken from a legal opinion of the President & Chief Legal Counsel for THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR LAW & POLICY in regard to the curriculum Rights, Respect and Responsibility (3Rs):

“In fact, the sexually aggressive curriculum far exceeds the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA), corrupting rather than educating young children with graphic and explicit information not suitable for sex education, especially among young children. Specifically, the 3Rs curriculum is not age appropriate in that it, for example, includes the promotion of and graphic descriptions of oral, anal, and vaginal sex and encourages sexual behaviors, including mutual masturbation, to children as young as 11-12 years old (6th Grade). Furthermore, Advocates for Youth actively partners with Amaze4, linking children via the 3Rs curriculum to cartoon pornography and other inappropriate websites. Pornography is not a laughing matter for children (or adults) as it is highly addictive and highly destructive.5 Oversexualizing young children with porn-normative education is very likely to exacerbate the growing problem of child on child sexual abuse. As many of 40 percent of children who are sexually abused are abused by older, or more powerful children.6 With easy access to pornography there are more and more cases of child on child sexual abuse, and older children sexually abusing younger children. Twenty-three percent of all 10 to 17 year olds experience exposure to unwanted pornography.7 

Parents are legitimately concerned that the Curriculum’s graphic and extreme over- sexualization, if not hyper-sexualization, may be grooming young children to be physically and emotionally abused—leading to tragic consequences including, but not limited to, misogyny, sexual bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, pornography addiction, pedophilia, sex trafficking, and other harmful outcomes.”


WARNING! This should not be shared with children. 

These curriculum for example (linked below), ask 10 and 11 year old children (5th grade) to "color-in" using "crayons or color pencils," and include details of the clitoris in a realistic spread eagle drawing of a women's sexual anatomy. All of this instruction is taught in a co-ed classroom. The clitoris is detailed and the teacher is prompted to say, "this is the clitoris, it is very sensitive," (evidence at links below). This violates the dignity of our young and impressionable children. One wonders how embarrassed a child must feel describing something so personal as the "clitoris" and the "penis", or the "anus."  This is just the tip of the iceberg as they say. There is much more than this to these age inappropriate and medically inaccurate curriculum, "recommended" by the CDE for our youngest children in elementary schools, (TK-6th grade).  

When will the CDE and our California Legislators stand with Parents and protect children? SB673 provides increased protection for our youngest learners. Tell the Senate Education Committee Members to vote YES on SB673!


See one lesson for 5th grade curriculum from Rights, Respect and Responsibility at the links here:

"Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy" (Advocates for Youth) 5th GRADE LESSON PLAN.

"Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy" (3R's Curriculum - Advocates for Youth) POWERPOINT.

Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy (Advocates for Youth ) 5th Grade lesson plan - SPANISH TRANSLATION.

"Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy" (3R's Curriculum-Advocates for Youth) POWERPOINT - SPANISH TRANSLATION.  

All curriculum being used by MDUSD can be found at this link. Though after providing public comments, this district did modify the lessons but not significantly enough to make the curriculum age appropriate. The anus is still designated as part of the "sexual anatomy" on the female drawings. One wonders why this body part is designated on a lesson that discusses "sexual anatomy" for 10 and 11 year olds. Please see changes made to appease parents here on MDUSD website.

MDUSD: Resources provided to children on a "handout" includes Advocates for Youth website and a book titled, It's Perfectly Normal, which contains information on  every contraception available. There are separate chapters for abortion,   contraception, masturbation, anal sex and the like.  Sexual pleasure and other graphic sex acts and sex behaviors are included with cartoon graphics artistically designed with children in mind. The book states on the cover it's for children, "10 yrs and up".



Advocates for Youth is a recommended resource for kids. 

Yet it contains a great deal of political propaganda. SEE EVIDENCE HERE:

In the article Abortion and Parental Involvement Laws, at the link below, in regards to Abortion it states:  "Young People are the experts of their own lives and are most equipped to decide whom they involve in their care."  "Requiring parental Involvement leaves many people alone and at risk." There are:  "Many negative outcomes for requiring parental involvement, and few positive ones."

The article linked below, I'm Muslim and My Gender Doesn't Fit Me uses prophets and the Koran to persuade Muslim kids that their religion ENDORSES varied gender choices and varied sexual orientation.  This has crossed a VERY SACRED LINE.  They are now theologians advising our kids about what their religion "REALLY TEACHES?"  And their solution for these kids is EXPERIMENTATION of their gender and sexuality (according to the article).

YOUTH ACTIVIST TOOL KIT... They are recruiting an army of youth to do their political bidding.


Videos from were used in conjunction with Advocates for Youth (3R's curriculum), included in the teacher guide/lesson plan as part of the curriculum. 

Top Signs Boys are in Puberty ***(discusses masturbation) ***

Top Signs Girls are in Puberty *** (objectifies women's bodies; girl's breast break out of the cartoon house). ***

Talking Sexual Orientation with Jane*** (discusses gay, lesbian, bisexual) . Watch for the popup in the video at time stamp 39 seconds in video as it ask the question, "What is your gender?"  After clicking on the pop up - "what's is your gender", then another box opens and ask, "age of the individual " and "click on the gender"  (male, female, transgender, or non-bianary"; multiple choice questions).***

These videos could be found by children after being directed and shown in class the videos by Originally, the pornographic video linked below did not have a "sign in on the Youtube channel .  The video, Porn: Fact or Fiction, contains characters "Melony Melons" and "Miles Long" as if making fun of pornography in a lighthearted manner, but not sending the warning that porn is dangerous, or even why.   

Porn: Fact or Fiction (Characters highlighted, Melony Melons and Miles Long)

Masturbation: Totally Normal


As another example of curriculum issues , (lesson was not part of MDUSD Family Life Curriculum), in this 6th grade lesson plan for 11 year olds, Protecting Your Health: Understanding and Preventing STIs, it describes bathing, and solo masterbation as activities that have no risk. (See page 5.)



A Video Used in "Teen Talk"

One of many videos shown to youth to get them to take up the political agenda for SOGI (sexual orientation-gender identity).