Sexual, Social & Political Grooming of 4-6 yr olds in LAUSD

These books were approved by Los Angeles Unified School District for use in PreK through 1st grade. They contain information about sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. Please watch and support SB 673 to protect children from sexualization and indoctrination. Visit and access the toolkit to learn ways to easily support SB 673. Please follow our Facebook page to stay informed: Thank You!

Yes on SB 673 ! (Korean Language)


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Message from a Teacher & School Board Member

Brenda Lebsack, public school teacher at Santa Ana Unified School District and School Board member at Orange Unified explains why we need our legislature to pass SB 673.

Does the Gay Community Support Comprehensive Sex Education?

Is there widespread support for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and SOGI (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity)  instructions in the LGBTQ communities?


SB 673 동참 방법 (TVnext 정보 참고-   1.     상원의원들에게 전화 걸기   My name is ______and I live in _______ (도시 또는 카운티).  I am calling Senator _____ to ask him to support SB673.    As a parent(또는 grandma, voter,  등등), I am very concerned about losing my Parental Rights over my kid’s sex education in his/her school. It is very important for me to know that you will support SB673 and vote YES on it. I will be counting on you, (또는) Senator ___________.      상원 의원 리스트   

SOGI (Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity) Explained

What is SOGI?